A sensory room is a multi-sensory environment that is specially designed to block out noises, and to control the temperature and lighting. It is an artificially created place that contains special multi-sensory equipment to soothe or stimulate the senses and promote feelings of pleasure, safety, well-being and in some cases reduce pain.

Controlled Sensory Input or CSI is used to promote interaction, choice and relief from the outside world through planned stimulation of the senses that results in changes in neurochemistry. This can help to relieve stress, anxiety and pain and help people to learn how to interact in a meaningful, productive way to situations, things, and people.

People with the following conditions might benefit from Multi-Sensory Rooms:

Autism Spectrum Disorder,
Post Traumatic Stress Disorders,
Anxiety associated with substance abuse,
Developmental Disabilities,

In fact anyone with very high states of stress, anxiety or pain as well as anyone who struggles with sensory processing can benefit. This includes people with hypersensitivity (too much) or hyposensitivity (too little) to normal sensory experience.

An Ecopod is a beautiful building that can be used to create a dedicated and permanent sensory room. They are eco friendly, cheap to run, easy to install and often do not require planning permission. They can double as an extra classroom or accommodation for carers or an extra bedroom. They extremely versatile and they are a very affordable solution for institutions, schools, private homes or hospitals who need extra room.

So What Is A Sensory Room Ecopod?

It is a multi-sensory environment within the ecopod. Every aspect of the the building and the multi sensory environment can be chosen by you, but we can help to guide you and make the process less daunting. By coming on one of our courses first, you can learn about the equipment that would be best suited to your needs and prevent you from making expensive and unnecessary purchases.

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