Concept Training have over 18 years’ experience in the field of Autism.  We are committed to provide training and consultancy to promote equality of opportunity for both children and adults on the Autism Spectrum.

There is an increasing realisation that there are many people with Autism in the workforce, some with a diagnosis and some with characteristics of Autism, without ever having been diagnosed.   These characteristics can include inflexibility of thought and poor social and communication skills.

However, there are many characteristics of Autism which can mean that people on the Spectrum can be ideal employees. High levels of concentration, loyalty, reliability, close attention to detail to name a few. When supported effectively employees with Autism will be some of the hardest working and most effective part of a team.

As national statistics show that 1 in 68 people have Autism, there is every likelihood that all medium to large organisations will employ (possibly with realising it) a number of people with the Condition.

There are various reasons why Companies should undertake Autism training.

A Company, realising the strengths of employees on the Spectrum, might want to train HR staff and perhaps also colleagues. The result would be that everyone had an understanding of issues which might arise and strategies to implement to make the workplace a more harmonious place for all.

Another Company may work in an environment where there are significant health and safety issues. It would be important to realise that additional training would be required to support employees with Autistic characteristics, not only for their own safety, but for the safety of their colleagues.

Some Companies, reflecting on the positive aspects of employees with the Condition might want to be proactive in attracting people with Autism. They might need help in making their environment a more Autism friendly one. They may also seek help in adapting the interview process and job description.

Whatever the need, Concept Training can provide customised training, which will be relevant and practical and will overcome the potential barriers which exist. We can also provide ongoing help and consultancy if required.

If you would like to talk to us about Autism in the workplace and about your specific training needs, please contact us on 01524 832828 or Email an initial enquiry to


Janet Price

Managing Director

Concept Training