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Do you need practical help and support?

We can help with: 

Autism:   Anxiety:   Adolescence:   Behaviour:   PDA:   PMLD:  ADHD:   Mental Heath Issues, including Self Harm:   Liaising with Schools:   Report writing


We provide help and support either by "Skype" sessions or by "face to face" consultancy, where we can visit your home. 

We will make a huge difference by offering  practical strategies that really work.

Our service is confidential and non judgemental.


Skype Consultancy Sessions £150 per hour (discounts for multiple sessions). 

Home Visits from £570

Initial free ten minute chat to discuss need

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A parent’s Experience

"My daughter (21yrs) has a severe and complex learning difficulty and lives independently, renting her own cottage in our local inclusive community, with support from her team of PAs paid for by her personal budget from Community Care. The aim of Becky living independently is to develop her life skills to the maximum and to empower her to safely make her own choices and live an inclusive life, developing local natural friendships, equipping her with a support structure made up of paid and unpaid support, simply because I can`t live forever and for me (and I`m sure most parents) there is the fear of what will happen when one has passed on.

Becky`s team of PAs have been struggling with finding the best way to support her and often felt in conflict. They are totally new to the role of `enabling` (a word I`d rather use to carer). I researched the internet to find a suitable training company and came across Concept Training who specialise in training PAs to support people with learning difficulties. I decided to invest in a bespoke PA training day.

Communications with Concept were very professional but I was still uncertain as to whether they would be able to provide the precise training needed, always looks good on paper but will it be a reality. The day came and the consultant arrived the evening before and met with my daughter at her cottage. I knew then it was going to be a good day, simply with his natural warm approach to Becky and her natural warm response in return (Becky`s like a litmus paper and pretty good at sussing people out when she`ll just switch off and walk away). Followed by our discussions afterwards I was then certain we wouldn`t be let down.

The training day was informally presented which put the PA`s at ease and they felt confident to speak up (several commented on this), two of the PA`s also said how they stayed completely enamoured with the training throughout the long day, they said this was unusual for them as they`d normally switch off after an hour.

The consultant was a natural captivating trainer who didn`t try to hold power over the team, instead he empowered the team by helping them to explore person centred approaches and to understand them. I also learnt a few things on the day which surprised me as I`ve been researching and been on many a training day! I`ve come across many respected trainers but the content and his approach has completely overshadowed them.

I`m now very confident and optimistic that Becky will be allowed to flourish and live her life to the maximum, just the same as you and I which is how it should be, it`s non-negotiable. Huge thanks to Concept Training".


Very informative, lots of strategies I will try with both my own son and children in schoolJodie. Attended Autism Spectrum: Next Steps Level 3

emotional, enlightening and has made a huge difference to how I perceive Autism Mary. Attended Intensive Interaction

Fantastically delivered, a great informative day which will definitely inform my teaching and practice. Jo. Attended Positive Ways of Changing Behaviour

Really enjoyed the training session. Very useful and full of information. Great trainer!! Whitney. Attended Autism Spectrum: Next Steps Level 3

Great course, very informative, well presented by Claire Grace, learnt loads. Thank you.Anthony. Attended Autism Spectrum: Next Steps Level 3

I have found them to be a professional and highly effective training providerShelagh Mackey. Manager, Stevenage Educational Trust

Felt like I was sitting listening to a very wise womanJuanita Strange. National Autistic Society

A Fabulous warm funny, experienced realistic trainer, was a pleasure. Thank you Debbi. Attended Autism Spectrum: Next Steps Level 3

an afternoon that provided many insights and much practical adviceJames Harding. Deputy Head, The Purcell School For Young Musicians

Very Informative.Jo. Attended Understanding Attachment Disorders

Enjoyable, informative and very useful.Julie. Attended Understanding Behaviour as Communication

I regularly recommend the courses delivered by Concept Training to my colleaguesFran Clayton. Deputy Head, Pendle View Primary School

All of the commissions have been delivered to the highest standardJulie Curtis. Learning and Development Consultant, Warwickshire County Council

Excellent presentation – one of the best training courses I have been onChris. Attended Intensive Interaction

Excellent course, excellent tutor, excellent day.Andy. Attended Autism Spectrum: Next Steps Level 3

The day flew by! Very enjoyable. Lauren. Attended Positive Ways of Changing Behaviour

All members of our staff who have attended training organised by Concept have found it to be valuableSarah Melman. Deputy Head, Jack Tizard School

I have no hesitation in recommending them as trainers.David Aarons. Mapledown School

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