Nationally Recognised Autism Accreditation

Our courses are accredited through the OCN Credit4Learning, which has a background in education dating back to the 1980s. OCN Credit4Learning is a long established not-for-profit educational charity working to improve the quality of education across the UK.

nationally accredited autism trainingOCN Credit4Learning is an Accrediting Organisation that supports providers who deliver training and educational programmes to learners of varying skills, experience and ambitions.

The OCN Credit4Learning recognises bespoke autism training and meets the high quality assurance standards necessary for formal accreditation. Over the years, they have developed relationships with independent training companies, training communities, trade unions, commercial training providers, public, private and third sector organisations as well as prisons, and academic institutions.

Nationally Recognised Autism Accreditation can help you or your organisation illustrate that you are dedicated to providing best practice for services for people with autism. We offer a range of autism training courses that are nationally accredited and will help you to deepen your understanding and skills. You can either attend in person or complete your training online. Attending in person gives you face-to-face access to the tutor and interaction with peers and colleagues. However the online training reduces the costs, gives you learning flexibility and some access to the tutor via email or Skype.

accredited autism course online Each course, including materials, videos and paperwork, can be sent to you digitally on one of our USB Keys. If you place a large order of distance learning courses, we can create a private area just for you, where you and your colleagues can download all the course materials.

By choosing a course accredited by OCN Credit4Learning you can be confident that the training you receive has been mapped to national academic standards, and has been passed through our validation procedures.  It is also reassuring to know that as a member of OCN Credit4Learning the training provider is externally moderated, which reinforces the quality of the overall learning experience for yourself.  Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a hologrammed certificate with nationally recognised credits, levels and unique reference number.

This is important, as it gives the course you have just completed an external currency and a recognition which differentiates your course and certificate from ‘certificates of attendance’ due to the external quality assurance that accredited courses provide.