Children on the autistic spectrum who have to go into hospital for an operation often find the whole process to be a completely overwhelming ordeal. It is normal for anyone going for an operation to feel anxious, but for children on the spectrum, it can be even more traumatic.

Autism Training For Hospital Staff

A hospital admission contains a heady cocktail of elements that could be just too much for someone with autism. These are a barrage of unfamiliar sensory information sounds, smells, sights and feelings and lots of uncertainty.

Children with autism have sensory differences, many of them explain that it is like ‘getting too much information’ according to The National Autistic Society who have recently launched a campaign by the same name. They are urging people to get more information and to realise that children on the spectrum who display challenging behaviour are not being naughty, but that it is part of the condition.

Strategies to help people with autism include communicating clearly, providing structure and removing anything possible in the environment that over stimulates.

The BMJ have recently published an article highlighting the lack of literature for hospital staff who are supporting children with autism, especially those children who are undergoing surgery.

Autism Training For Hospital Staff

We can help teams of nurses, doctors or support staff to develop creative strategies to reduce the distress experienced by children with autism and help to equip hospital teams with skills to minimise disruption.

We can also work with the multi-disciplinary team on a hospital ward or wards to develop autism strategies, policies and procedures so that they feel ready to make hospital as easy as possible for children with autism and their families. We can suggest tactics that are normally used in classrooms or at home, but could be implemented in hospital in order to individualise care plans. This can include building in some methods of evaluation.

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